All You Need To Know About WSQ Courses In Singapore


A national credentialing system in Singapore called the Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) trains, produces, evaluates, and validates skills and competencies for the workplace. As a system for continuing education and training (CET), WSQ courses in Singapore back the Capability building initiative to:

Encourage skill and competency identification to aid in development, mastering, and mobility;

Encourage the development of the workforce holistically through technical and general abilities;

Encourage continuous learning while supporting economic development by professionalizing skills and capabilities to fuel industry change, productivity, and product involvement.

Employers, universities, and consulting firms have verified the skills and knowledge utilized in WSQ training courses, guaranteeing that training and development are based on both current and growing in-demand talents and capabilities. The abilities and skills outlined in the Skills are adopted by WSQ courses.

Key attributes

Relevance: A expertise approach created to build both generic skills and competencies needed across job positions in addition to job position skills and competences

Public Access: There are no educational requirements required, and prior knowledge is recognized through certificates and job experience. Provides digestible modules that result in the issuance of a Statement of Attainment and a full WSQ accreditation.

Progress: Provides pathways for acquiring skills and qualifications that are in line with the relevant sector’s Competency Framework.

Authority: Statements of Attainment and qualifications are granted by Technical vocational Singapore and/or in collaboration with reputable awarding organizations after being subject to quality assurance.


A strong structure for quality control supports WSQ. Strict standards are applied to assure the key principles and performance, from creating Technical Skills and Competencies and Critical Core Skills to authorizing Professional Development programs and giving WSQ certifications. To aid in creating a solid training infrastructure that supports Singapore’s workforce development, a systematic and effective system is constructed.

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