All You Know About Durian Mao Shan Wang

You can’t go wrong with the Durian Mao Shan Wang, also known as “Musang King” in Singapore and throughout the globe. It is because so many people want the creamy bittersweet king of durians. If Mao Shan Wang’s reign as the “king of durians” may be attributed to its triumph over all others, then so be it.

‘King Of Durians’ Has Mysterious Roots.

One of Mao’s nicknames in Chinese, Mao Shan Wang, means “Cat Mountain King.” Mao Shan Wang Durian isn’t named after the civet cat that prefers this durian, but rather because the MSW variety evolved on a mountain where many civet cats lived.

What Makes Mao Shan Wang China’s Current Emperor?

The creamiest, most prosperous, butteriest, and most bittersweet of all the durian varieties, Durian Mao Shan Wang,lives up to its moniker. MSW’s tender, meaty durian seeds melt into a robust and rich taste paradise when you bite into their delicate flesh. There is nothing better than this durian’s fragrant taste and velvety texture.

Compared to the Mao Shan Wang, other durians like the D24 variety, which is equally popular in Singapore and Asia but has a softer taste and lacks the punch, are not even close. When bitten into, the bright yellow flesh of the XO durian is more liquid than creamy.

The Mao Shan Wang is the best of the several durian varieties available, including the Black Pearl, Red Prawn, Black Thorn, and Black Gold. This exquisite MSW is very popular in Asia because of its ideal balance of bitterness and sweetness.

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