What is a conflict of interest and how does it arise?

Conflicts of interest are unavoidable in most employment relationships. They always arise when there are a minimum of 2 or more people affected. There comes a time when one of the two begins to walk on paths that move away from the initial “win-win” equilibrium situation with the risk of creating tensions in the relationship.

To detect if you are in acra entity search conflict of interest that you are not even aware of, ask yourself if you are taking advantage of the last 3 points for your own purposes.

  1. Be proactive in communication: the best way to solve a conflict of interest is to communicate it. If you start to have a bad conscience, the time has come to talk about it with the people affected. Sometimes there may even be no problem as long as the communication between everyone works correctly.
  2. Always be transparent: do not wait for your partner, boss, collaborator or whoever is finding out that you carry out activities that they know nothing about. Even if you do it on the weekend. For a partner with whom you have a project together it can be strange to realize that you are doing more things without telling them. Silence generates doubts and suspicions. In many cases full transparency prevents problems.
  3. Find a compromise: if after talking about the subject one realizes that there are real conflicts, they must be fixed. There is no other. You can always find compromise solutions that are not 100% ideal, but that allow you to maintain activities. Although sometimes it is painful, a good option can also be to make the decision to abandon certain projects and focus on what you really want.
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