All You Need To Know About Business Astrology

Astrology reading means studying and assessing the diagrams and graphs of the horoscope of a person to explain his personality characteristics and predict his future on the basis of these character traits. Personality traits determine the quality of someone’s actions or karmas which subsequently lead to the results of the actions. These factors cumulatively are termed destiny. The analysis and study takes in its ambit the moves and positions of the planets precisely at the time and date of someone’s birth. Additionally, it believes their position in one of the twelve houses. Each world, which has certain specific characteristics, governs the zodiac sign under which a man is born. Occasionally two planets cross or match each other exactly at the time a man is born. Since each of the two crossing planets has its own traits, both of these exercise their influence on the individual born at that moment.

Astrology Predictions

Sometimes some dominant feature of a powerful planet affects the traits of another world which it meets in a specific house and thus their consequent effect determines the character of the person. Take for example the very first home. This house determines a whole lot about what makes you a exceptional individual, your physical appearance, looks, personality, psychological level, your own priorities, goals and so forth. It insures yourself, energy, natural propensities, your energy, deepest inclinations and how you face the world. It is the hardest house. Astrologers often find it hard to read this home because the desires of their customers are extremely personal. Additionally, it rules that your will power, dedication and dedication. The indication of your ascendant is the same whose characteristics and attributes that you naturally express on your personality. This explains why all those born under the same sign cannot have the exact traits. The majority of us are now a blend of the sun sign and the ascendant.

So you will need to know your ascendant sign so as to have the ability to read both your sun sign and your ascendant sign whether you wish to analyze your business astrology or need to make a prediction about your own future. If you, therefore, want a whole and accurate picture, you want to read and examine the sun sign and the ascendant sign. The first house is ruled by the feisty, enterprising and dynamic mars and aries the first indication of the zodiac. While aries is quite individualistic sign, mars energizes other planets or houses of the zodiac. Mars is an aggressive, assertive, strong, lively, courageous and adventuresome planet. Also known as the red world, it modulates the entire spectrum of the effective masculine elements that are useful in war and sex. Mars is called the warrior planet and for that reason aries are passionate, courageous and full of strength and endurance. Aries are proven to overcome all sorts of hurdles to realize their targets. Aries under the influence of mars are highly emotional persons. Their emotional outburst can erupt and cause injuries also.

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