Can I File an Auto Accident Claim Against a Minor?

Teenagers are more likely to cause car accidents when they’re driving the car. That’s because kids of this age like to use their mobile phone while driving, or they can even be drunk driving after a party.

So, if you’ve just hit by a car bring driven by a teenager, you might be thinking about how you can file an auto accident claim against them. You can therefore call an auto accident lawyer right away after the accident, and ask them to help you in the while process. You can visit to find a good lawyer for this job.

It Depends on Parental Responsibility Laws

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For the most part, establishing the claim depends on the parental responsibility laws implemented in your state. For example, you can hold the parents of a teenager liable if the accident can be linked to the failure of the kid’s parents to exercise control and discipline their child. However, if the child is under 18, there might be a limit to you much you can recover.

So, you can ask your lawyer to hold the parents of a teenager liable for your damages in an accident, then you can get compensated from their insurance company. Parental Responsibility laws can be complex, and they are the reason why you’ll need to hire an auto accident lawyer to the task.

Restrictions in Driving Licenses For Teenagers

There is another twist. Teenagers who are atheist 15 and over can apply for a restricted teenager driving license. But for this, they must go through six months of practice with a learner’s license. There are other programs as well which a teenager is required to enroll in if he wants to get licensed as a teenager.

Your lawyer can see if any of these posts is missing, and can capitalize on any loopholes.

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