The Best App For Telugu Audience For Stream Movies And Web Series

Aha is the latest trend, talk of the town which provides a homely comfortable feel of relatable yet amazing movies and shows that can be fun to watch with family and friends. Giving an opportunity to fresh talent on-screen and off-screen, aha is really changing the game of Telugu cinema while we are just watching them at home. An online single language Telugu streaming platform aha has the best of the best movies from T-Town. This business venture from Arha media and Geeta arts comes with a unique flavor from every Telugu movie lover. From having fun talk shows with the first female online host Samantha Akkineni to the no sensor show with the viral boy next door Harshachemudi. Aha has something in store for everyone. Aha videos has the Telugu new movies.


Where Movies like color photos, mail share their take on societal issues from the rural india, web series like GeetaSubrahmanyam, comminental show their take on modern youth and relationship problems with social media stars leading these movies, audiences are able to connect to the stories on a human level with them. As cinema is no more just for the badababus, Telugu youth is coming back to watching soulful Telugu movies and web series to understand their language, their people better. With a wide range of approaches to new stories. aha is opening new dreams to commoners to follow their passion. Not only is it providing great opportunities to the Telugu youth it is changing the face of Telugu cinema with an open and unbiased platform to share great stories.

The newly released movies are launching careers for the talented set of youngsters, team mail is the best example as the cast is full of Instagram stars and newbies of Telugu cinema. This fun story of a village boy will make you look back to how different life is for you. Movies like software sudheer, krisha and his leela, Lakshmi, raja gaaru and raanivaru and more are such great feel-good movies for the youth. Aha also has old classic movies like Venky,  Aramam, nabangarutaali and more that will remind you of the time you  enjoyed with the family.

Aha is the cool breather in the summer holidays for the young & youth of India. Allowing them to watch different movies from the past to the future the storytellers on aha are going to great lengths to provide their audiences with good storylines and unique cinematography to have fun-filled youthful, meaningful movie experiences anywhere around the world in the comfort of your home.

Aha is getting strong with its loyal membership subscriptions to provide services around the globe with cheap prices and exciting offers. Get on aha to encourage empowered youth who are doing a great job by providing us with the most amazing exclusive Telugu content

Aha the only Telugu movie streaming platform is accessible on all electronic devices like phones, Smart Tvs and ipads. Aha has something in store for everyone. Aha videos has the Indian movies online.

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