Things to Know About Production before Adding Music Soundtrack

Very often selecting the right sound track from the music library is just like hacking the way through jungle without any map or direction sense. It is the time-intensive and hit-or-miss procedure that needs listening to many wrong selections. After some time your brain gets numb & everything blends in one and sounds same. To complicate things more, you are often looking for the music right at project deadline so there’s pressure to find the soundtracks fast. Fastest way of finding the best soundtrack for work is identifying underlying feeling – emotional thrust – of the production. There are many project creators just think of what music style they want (rock, alternative, Indie). The better way of proceeding is looking for the music that is based on emotional character of the work. So, when you know about your project’s themes, you may cut good amount of time.

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Extract To Emotional Base

It is what many film composers generally do. After meeting their director for discussing about the movies concept and meaning, composer immerses themselves in that film and starts to investigate their emotional essence. You may do same thing. Here’s the simple exercise that you can try with your work as well.

  • See yourself in every scene as eyewitness on what’s happening.
  • Try to become open emotionally to events that take place.
  • Free write your reactions. (Generally, freewriting is one kind of writing that is done fast without any kind of self-editing – and you want to get ideas in way that you will remember)

After production gets completed, take your freewriting & look for 1 to 5 keyword phrases, which describe emotions of what you have experienced. And this technique may work out for 15 second of Flash animation as hour-length documentary. In every case you have to understand emotion at a heart of project so that you will select music that increases your viewer’s knowhow.

Here is the example of this process… Let us say you are giving two hour of talk on “Time Management” and want a little background music in PowerPoint in the start, end, or during the break. And you do this exercise above & here is the sample of freewriting… better time management = organization, productivity, structure…getting things done a sense of being in control,- order – stress free living, flow, mind like water.. Thus, these are some better ways that you can take up and improve your imagination and come up with new ideas.

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